Academic Experience

Graduation Girls

EU Business School
Switzerland, Spain, Germany

Online Campus 2015 to date

Geneva & Montreux Campus 2014 - 2015

Professor of Business Administration

Communication, Negotiation, HRM, Entrepreneurship, Digital Consumer, Cryptocurrencies & Study Skills

  • EU's Online MBA ranked top 1 in CEO Magazine’s Online Global Rankings fifth years running

  • EU    Business    School’s    (EU)    online    MBA    ranks    11th    in the world in the prestigious    QS    Online    MBA    rankings    2020,    climbing four places in this increasingly competitive market. 

  • EU’s    online    MBA    program    ranks    1st    worldwide    for    class    experience    in    recognition    of    its    interactive,    and    dynamic    online    learning    environment    acknowledging    its    high    share    of    live    classes    and    discussion    groups,    among    others
  • EU    achieves a    top score of    100%    for its diverse nationalities and proportion of female students
  • EU’s online campus experience of over seven years allowed it to swiftly and successfully transition all its students to a virtual classroom environment maintaining interaction and classroom dynamics in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.        
  • Accreditations: ACBSP, IACBE, Ceeman IQA & EduQua
  • Campus: Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Online
  • Partners: The University of Derby, The University of RoehamptonThe Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) 
  • Press release of 22.04.2020
Graduation Ceremony

Westford University College, UAE

Online Campus 2018 to 2020

Professor of Business Administration

Pearson BTEC Level 7

Leadership, Management,  Marketing, Creativity, Innovation and HRM & Research Methods for Strategic Managers


Immersive Business Training

On campus and online campus 2017 to 2019

Professor of Education

Teaching and learning in higher education, Pedagogy and learning process, Methods of teaching, Educational assessment, Classroom management, Pedagogical innovation, Andragogy, Online teaching and Learning, Pedagogical communication

Professor of Business Administration

Managerial Economics, Management, Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Accounting

  • Training institute offering a diverse range of comprehensive and in-depth professional and management development short courses

  • MEMBER of The CPD Certificate Service (London, UK) providing a recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD principles, to increase standards of CPD provision to professionals in relevant market sectors


University of Montreal

On campus and online 2011 to 2018


Professor Associated with the Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy


Joint lecturer

Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy



Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy


Lecturer and Teaching assistant

Department of Educational Psychology and Andragogy


University of California, Los Angeles UCLA

On campus 2013 - 2014

UCLA Postdoctoral Scholarship

Research on Pedagogical innovations at university

  •   Higher Education Research Institute

  •   Graduate School of Education and Communication

Group Students Smilling

Management Sciences Trainer

 Onsite and online, 2019 to date

Management Sciences Trainer, Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Business, NCFE Level 3 in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment & Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training


International Graduate Center

Hochschule Bremen, Germany

City University of Applied Sciences

Adjunct faculty

Process and Quality Management (Spring 2020)

  • As the International Graduate Center of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, they are committed to a high-quality standard; all of their courses are accredited by recognized agencies (ZEvA and AQAS).

  • Campus: Bremen and Online



Online Campus 2019 to 2020

Adjunct Faculty

Leadership and Research (DBA)

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LSBE London School of Business & Education

United Kingdom

Online Campus 2020 to date

Professor of Business Administration & Education 

Strategic Management, Leadership, Human Resource Management & Education and Training

  • London School of Business & Education is a private, independent higher education institution located in the heart of bustling London. LSBE UK offers an innovative solution for active professionals who wish to benefit from self-paced and flexible studies available from anywhere in the world.

  • LSBE delivers Level 3 qualifications for direct entry to bachelor programmes, Levels 4 & 5 qualifications to become eligible to BA(Hons)/BSc Final Year (top-up), Level 7 Advanced Entry Route to Master/MSc Final Stage (top-up) and Level 8 Advanced entry to DBA or PhD.

  • All our programmes are taught online through synchronous and asynchronous activities. We deliver comprehensive and in-depth education in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and education. LSBE UK programs are designed through competency-based and project-based approaches to places an emphasis on experiential learning.

  • London School of Business & Education is an OTHM Approved Centre, listed on the UK Register of Learning Providers and accredited by ASCB in the USA. Some of our programmes are also certified by The CPD Certification Service in the UK.

  • Our faculty members are current business highly qualified and experienced professionals who offer a unique and relevant insight into today's complex world on business trends and landscapes. We have a passion for engaging and collaborating with students, leading them to become creative, innovative, independent, and inspired business professionals; managers, leaders or entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

  • At LSBE UK, we aim at the highest quality in terms of teaching and learning to prepare unique and talented individuals to perform the profession of their dreams. Prospective students are welcome to contact us today and invest in their future now!

  • Campus: Online

Graduation Ceremony
Studying on the Grass

SAWI American Business School Bachelor in Sports Management, Switzerland

 Online, 2021 to date

Professor of Business Administration


Other teaching experiences

Other university teaching experiences on campus


  • Faculty development instructor at UAE University



  • Faculty development instructor at InnovAgogique® Lab

  • Adjunct professor of the Montreux Business University

  • Adjunct professor of the Geneva Business School

  • Faculty development instructor at Geneva Business School

Corporate training


  • Law

  • Accounting

  • Compliance

  • Management

Other teaching experiences


  • French as second language (primary school, GCSE O and A levels)